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This topic is locked after this post, as speccing out a computer is not NVDA specific.  If further conversation is desired a new topic, with a descriptive title, should be created on the Chat Subgroup.

Gene is correct that many people spend way more money than they need to based on what they intend to use a computer for.

As someone who is an IT support professional, I will always say the two most important things you can spend money on as far as any computer goes is RAM capacity and an SSD, and the less RAM you have the more important an SSD becomes in supporting responsiveness.

Minimum specs are not now, and have never been, optimum specs for "happy campers."  The minimum RAM I would consider for Windows 10 or 11 is 8GB.  Since Windows 10 only has 3 more years of support, I would verify that the processor in any machine you're considering can support Windows 11 even if it doesn't happen to come with it.  For all Intel i-series processors, that means 8th generation or newer, which is indicated by a number higher than 8000 after the hyphen, e.g., i5-8790.

Very few users indeed, particularly casual users doing web browsing, emailing, and using office suites as their primary activities have ever even come close to exploiting all the processing power of modern processors.

If you're trying to economize, it is always worth looking at manufacturer refurbished business class machines.  They're of higher build quality and generally have specifications that are more than adequate for most home users.

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