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Are you sure that the registry command given earlier in thisthread dooes not fix this?
I don't see what the difference is between a fresh install of nvda and an update to an older one. The files concerned don't seem to have been updated for a long time, ie the ones that create the vitual buffer etc.
There has to be some other thing that those who get this effect have that the rest do not have or something.
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this the same issue for me!
nvda does not read any content in firefox, arrow keys dont work and
single letter navigations dont work also!
even it cant read the content of any webpage.
i posted this problem here before and i tested with firefox 39 until 41!
it happens with fresh install and if you update it from previous
versions its no problem.
the only problem is with fresh install of this version of nvda 2016.3

On 10/14/16, Sharni-Lee Ward <> wrote:
For the record, I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and the latest Firefox, as well
as NVDA 2016.3, and have no problems with Firefox. None. Nada. I don't know
what the problem could be for this person but I know I don't have it.

On 14/10/2016 6:08 AM, Gene New Zealand wrote:


Does it happen in other applications as well or just in mozilla fire fox?

When you go into other applications does it speak the menus correctly or you
can navigate with the arrow keys?

Do you get the same result in other browsers with it not speaking? You
probably have mentioned it but what operating system and version of nvda?

Gene nz

On 13/10/2016 2:40 PM, Gerry Neustatl wrote:
Hi all

I have been using NVDA for years. I use a Windows 7 machine with current
Firefox and have updated to NVDA 2016.3. It no longer works for me.

When I start NVDA I hear the piano arpeggio as usual, and the page title is
read. After that nothing else is read. For example:

· Hitting the “H” key reads “H” rather than navigating to the first
page heading

· Tabbing through the page moves focus but nothing is announced

I am not sure if this is a bug with NVDA, Firefox or my computer audio
settings, but suspect it’s an NVDA issue.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Suggestions?

Cheers in advance, Gerry


Gerry Neustatl
Accessibility SME/Senior XP Designer, Digital Design


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