Re: Reading Japanese with NVDA 2022.2


Best thing to do is just try again. If it still doesn't work, time to call Microsoft support.

Shawn Klein

On 7/26/2022 12:37 PM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

Okay, just checked the Ease of Access settings again, and they're gone. I know I installed the packages, because I saw them in the list before I restarted, but they just disappeared again. What did I do wrong?

I went to Ease of access, scrolled down to Narrator and selected it, opened the add voices page, selected Add New Voices from the Manage Voices group, scrolled down through the list in the popup until I found the one I wanted, then selected it and pressed Add. I was told that I'd have to close settings and restart any apps that might want to use those voices, so I did that. They didn't show in NVDA, but I could still see the new packages listed when I went back into settings. Now everything's restarted and any trace of what I did before the restart/configuration of whatever update was going on has vanished. I don't know how I could have messed up something so simple!

On 27/07/2022 3:25 am, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

So I went and installed the packages, but can't see them in NVDA's voice dropdown for 1Core voices. I tried restarting the computer, and it did some updates that took a while, and I thought when it was done that I could access the voices then. The system's finished that process, and nope, the voices I installed still don't show up in NVDA! What am I missing?

On 26/07/2022 9:49 pm, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

Okay, I will definitely look into that. But I don't think I can set up things in that synth so I can get two languages simultaneously either. I need to know what I'm doing as I learn.

On 26/07/2022 8:52 pm, Josh Kennedy wrote:
one core voices do have japanese. go into settings, windows+i. accessibility in windows11, or ease of access in windows10. down to narrator, tab to add voices, tab to add more voices under language packs, go select japanese and it will be downloaded and installed. restart NVDA and then you get one core japanese voices. 

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