locked Re: How to download the latest ffmpeg for windows

umut korkmaz

Hello Sarah,

For Windows the link looks like this:


I hope this is what you want.




Windows için Posta ile gönderildi


Kimden: Sarah k Alawami
Gönderilme: 28 Temmuz 2022 Perşembe 22:09
Kime: nvda@nvda.groups.io
Konu: [nvda] How to download the latest ffmpeg for windows


Using nvda 22.x and Windows 11 21H2 (x64) build 22000.795. I have this issue in Firefox, chrome, edge.


  1. Launch http://www.ffmpeg.org
  2. Click download
  3. There should be a windows link then a link to the essentials and / or other EXE binaries.


Here’s the problem. There is not one. I see an unlabeled link I found to be windows; however, I cannot find the links I need. They used to be there in November last year when I had to do this, however something in the site’s \code changed. A bit of help as I really do think something broke. I just need someone else to verify this. I watched a YouTube video that said how to do this, except I cannot find any of the links mentioned.  Sorry if this comes out a bit odd, I’m having keyboard getting stuck issues as I’m running out of memory on this system, again.


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