Re: Important announcement on Joseph Lee's add-ons: please upgrade to NVDA 2022.2 ASAP, support policy changes


I upgrade where I can and always try the latest version.

However I agree with your frustration.

Case in point I had to do some servicing on windows 11 on a new lenovo that one of my aunts had.

It came with office trial which I promptly killed.

This wouldn't be a problem but the licence I obtained didn't work due to it being 1 time or something weird from the grey area store I got it but I was able to find another locally so it was eventually fine.

However the dreaded unknown issue happened.

Not a problem, I thought, reinstall office later, run com registration.

That did fix it once but it didn't stay.

Reinstalling nvda and then new adobe reader usually fixes this for a bit and it did a couple times but it never stuck.

The only thing that had an issue with ccleaner as just about everything else I used worked and I had to use narator and nvda in combination.

I'd usually reformat and reload at this point because well I had the software but it wasn't my computer and I couldn't justify doing it for 1 system program that would hardly get used and it did work for the most part.

I could have gone via ms support but experience shhowed me that support for me has been 9 times out of 10 a waste of time with potential dammage long the lines and it appears from some quarters it got worse.

I have family saying windows 11 is a big problem and I must agree.

I see no reason to upgrade to 11 at least not now and at least while win10 still works.

Plus I never saw any performance hikes on the new ryzen unit I had been using.

In contrast the latest amd drivers and windows updates have actually pushed performance on this 2nd gen higher so there is that.

Where I can I update but heck I am a bit of a hacker geek that way.

Of course I do have a lot of mods here but even so, I really don't want to go through the process of reinstalling because every time these days you reload its never the same and it takes way to much time these days.

I used to have the time but these days I can barely find enough and at others well I have more than enough but I really don't want to be spending it on my desk.

As for older stuff working yeah, there are plenty of things that are non critical that I barely update because I don't need to.

So I see the reason why some don't.

My dad has office 2016 which has no more updates, it appears but he still uses it and it works.

He is retired and well I don't see any real advantage to updating his office especially because his key is legal and works well enough.

The documents he has are his own and he doesn't recieve attachments to do with anything in word.

To be honest if it wasn't for a load of older word documents which I should probably convert at some point so I can go to something else like jarte it wouldn't be any stretch for me bar the daisy converter for word which I hardly use to not use office except I like the interface.

Its a hold over from my old days but to be honest when I finally need another computer or a rebuildĀ  I will probably switch to something else, maybe who knows.

I technically do have a legal office xp which I own which with the right engine upgrades will probably handle the newer formats so well who knows.

I don't need it for much bar reading documents from dolphin for their test team and my other work I rarely if ever actually use it as intended.

My aunt has another office which I got but she only has outlook for attachments that need it and its almost never used.

I have not thought about a 365 sub but I must admit the family pack does have its attraction.

On 29/07/2022 12:02 am, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:
Microsoft don't make this stuff at all easy do they!

I think a lot more people than they think keep using older versions merely because every time they upgrade days or even weeks are taken to get to know how to configure them and use the changed features. This is not only in the blind community either I have to say.


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