Re: Adobe Acrobat reader & NVDA


Gene, you know what? I think it is. Screenreaders routinely alter the
appearance of documents to make them more usable, (think virtual
buffer for webpages). Adobe, like it or not, (& I don't) has become 1
of the most widely used tools, used by sighted & blind alike.

QRead happens to be a paid program. It seems also to be basically
abandoned, as in when its most recent incarnation broke keeping one's
place in the document, it was never fixed. I think because of the
nearly ubiquitous use of pdf documents, it's incumbant on screen
reader vendors to do whatever they can do to make these accessible. &
clearly a way to move forward doing just that has already been
implemented. So frankly I don't buy your argument.

On 7/28/22, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
This isn't an NVDA problem.  This is an illustration of why people need
more than one program in many cases.  One program recognizes the spaces
in this case and another doesn't.  In another document, the opposite may
be the case, Acrobat may render it better.

My guess is that a nonstandard code is used for spaces in the document.
My guess is that it has some sort of visual appeal.


On 7/28/2022 9:33 PM, Jackie wrote:
I have a question regarding NVDA & readability/accessibility of Adobe
acrobat documents. I'm using:
adobe Acrobat DC version 22.1.20169.0
Microsoft Windows 10 Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.1826)

I also have a program called QRead on my system which opens .pdf
files. I'm going to paste 2 identical samples of a document, 1
generated via the combination of NVDA & Adobe Acrobat DC & the other
generated using QRead & NVDA, respectively.

I'd like to know why such significant differences exist, & what, if
anything, can be done, because clearly the 1st rendering is truly

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