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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I have no issues with Chrome or Edge as a default browser other than my laziness.  That is to say, I like old fashion drop down menus (alt + F for file, alt + V for view and so on.)  I know how to use the single alt + key menu and HTML interface in Edge and Chrome, I'm just too lazy to get used to it as long as there is an old fashion option like Firefox.

On 7/29/2022 12:45 PM, Gene wrote:
Brave is a Chrome-based browser.  I don't know about Vivaldi. 

As far as accessibility is concerned, Firefox and all Chrome-based browsers support browse mode and you are using the same screen-reader interface in all these browsers.  I am not saying that every form on every site will render the same way in a Chrome-based browser or not.  I haven't found any difference in general between using Chrome and Firefox browsers in working with forms.  Nor have I found any differences that matter regarding accessibility.

You should have at least one Chrome and one nonChrome based browser because a browser like Firefox, which is not Chrome-based may render this or that site better.  The reverse may also be true. 

I use history more than a lot of people and I much prefer Firefox's implementation of history.  I also use Firefox Portable which I think has advantages over installed versions of browsers which I won't go into here.


On 7/29/2022 11:21 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

I can't say that I hate Chromium-based browsers, but the two that are my daily drivers are Vivaldi and Brave.  Both are privacy focused by design and also have built-in ad-blocking and other security features.  While those can sometimes prove problematic (whether you're using a screen reader or not) with some sites, I just punt to an "unprotected browser" (usually Edge or my semi-protected Firefox) when the occasion dictates.

I touch Chrome almost never and do use Edge Dev Channel somewhat consistently.  Doing what I do I have to keep a finger on the pulse of Edge, since that's what most people who don't download alternatives and need a web browser are now using, just like they did with IE way back when.  It's the default under Windows for the "less technologically sophisticated."

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