Re: nvda and braille

Rui Fontes

No, you can't import a new Braille table from Jaws or Window-Eyes, since the
format is different.

In wich language you work?


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De: Anouk Radix
Data: 16 de outubro de 2016 12:43
Assunto: [nvda] nvda and braille

Hi everyone,

I recently switched from mac os x to windows 10.

I use both nvda and windoweyes. I like nvda a lot because its really fast
with braille and speech and because it works well out of the box with many

I am mainly a braille user though and do miss the ability to use my thumb
keys to scroll throughout a programs screen. Furthermore I was wondering if
there are any complete braille tables for nvda? The ones I get contain a lot
of garbage between text and nos just one or two characters but a lot of it.
Is it perhaps possible to import a braille table from another screenreader
because I don't get this anywhere else?

Thanks in advance for any info,

Greetings, Anouk,

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