Re: NVDA and Hashtags


No. It's read as "number".

On 7/29/22, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
First, this is a purely lazy post on my part, as I so seldom use or read
material that actually contains hashtags.

Does NVDA read something (or at least something that is not purely numeric)
that is preceded by a pound/number sign (#) as, "Hashtag {insert what
follows the # here}?"

Given the ubiquity of hashtags, and given that the only context I can think
of for # to be read as number sign or just number is if what comes after is
entirely numeric, e.g., #32.  I'd expect 32# to be read as 32 pound or 32
pound sign due to the position of the sign and its historical use for pounds
when it follows a numeric.  But I'd expect something like #MeToo to be read
as, "hashtag me too."  Is it?

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