Re: NVDA Dictionary Files


the difference in how entries are separated may well mean that backed up dictionaries from earlier versions of NVDA won't work if you place them in new versions. 

I backed up some dictionaries from old versions but it appears that if I want to use them in new versions, I likely won't be able to.


On 7/31/2022 8:57 AM, Giles Turnbull wrote:

yes, it is possible to edit the dictionary files manually. They are located in AppData/Roaming/NVDA/speechDicts. The default dictionary is default.dic and any voice dictionaries you might have are in folders under the name of the synth.

One issue I found tricky to figure out was the flags to indicate options like for Type: anywhere or whole word only or regular expression, and for case sensitive or not. You can figure this out by looking at a dictionary entry and seeing how it is in the relevant dictionary file. Then change an option such as Type Anywhere and change it to whole word Only, then look at how the dictionary file has changed. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think the numbers range from 0 to 2 for the Type option.

The last entry I added to my default dictionary appears like this in my default.dic file:

#Welsh town
Hirwaun    Heerwine    1    0

The #Welsh Town is the optional comment you can enter in the dictionary manager.
Then comes the text followed by the way you want it pronounced. Then come the flags for Type and Case Sensitive.

One thing that is interesting and has changed since the last time I edited a dictionary file manually, is that the entries are not comma-separated anymore ... they are separated by four spaces.

Hope this helps :)


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