Re: Problems with Thunderbird using NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Gene,

I am using Windows 11 with Thunderbird. I do see a minor focus issue with Thunderbird.  In particular, when I first launch Thunderbird, sometimes, if you wish to use the numpad keys to read the name/subject of an unopened message, NVDA says 'blank.'  At times just after launch, the status line does not read with the insert + end keystroke.  A simple F6 key press and then tab key press restores functionality.

On 8/2/2022 8:19 AM, Gene wrote:
We'll see.  I don't know how many people on the list are using Windows 11 and Thunderbird but I doubt this is a general problem. 


On 8/2/2022 7:16 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:

Thank you Gene, it's certainly a problem I can live with.  Just thought someone else might have experienced the same.


On 8/2/2022 7:04 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't use Windows 11  but I have never had this problem with the portable version and I haven't seen anyone else complain of such a problem. 

Windows 11 is technically similar to Windows 10 and using that version of Windows shouldn't cause the problem.  I use it on Windows 10 without the problem. 

You may try the installed version of Thunderbird if you like.  I suspect there is some sort of minor problem with your installation of Windows 11 that is causing this behavior.  The problem is a minor one and drastic action such as placing a new copy of Windows 11 on the computer and reinstalling everything to see if that solves the problem is, in my opinion, an enormous amount of work that I don't think is justified to solve such a small problem.  I would simply work around it by closing the program and running it when you want to use it again.

If you want to try to eliminate the problem, I have no objection to trying an installed copy of Thunderbird. 


On 8/2/2022 6:51 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Setting up my win11 machine using current NVDA and thunderbird portable.  When I move from thunderbird to another program window (alt plus tab) and then come back to thunderbird (alt plus tab), the list of messages is "not available".  Only after I tab and shift tab does it become available.  I am new to this thunderbird portable; so I'm wondering if it's just a thing with the portable version and maybe should I go back to an installed version which I've used for years with only a different set of problems.

Thank you.


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