Re: Problems with Thunderbird using NVDA


Why should they have to know about this?  This may be an issue a screen-reader user should reasonably be expected to stop.  Where does a web site's responsibility end?  This may be an issue the screen-reader user should control.  I can't tell from what you write if some people might want to hear the information.

Regarding the dynamic content setting in NVDA, it appears to me it is given much less attention than it should be in instructing people in stopping unwanted speech.  The user guide says almost nothing about it and I doubt a lot of users know about it or know much about in which situations changing it might be helpful.

I remember a discussion of excessive speech in Thunderbird where almost no one knew to try turning off dynamic content to try to stop the excessive speech.


On 8/2/2022 10:26 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:

A lot of the web sites I visit seem to hav issues if its on. Indeed the local council one has a slide show, and its most annoying to hear now showing slide 12 of 15 when yyou are trying to find the link or whatever you need. Its only on the home page, but they say they don't know about how to hide the slides in a region. I'm not paid to do their job grin.

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