Re: Problems with a VPN

Vaibhav Saraf


I have the same VPN at work. I go to the notification chevron, expand it, and go through the programs on the tray until I get the Checkpoint Endpoint, what the sighted folks would call a yellow icon. Right click on it, and you got everything you needed.


On Tue, 2 Aug 2022 at 16:01, Khalid Anwar <anwarkhalid850@...> wrote:
At work I use VPN to login to, when I first load up my computer the VPN screen will pop up automatically and I can put my password in.
However, sometimes I need to access the settings, sighted people can click on a yellow padlock in the corner of the screen but if I type the name of the VPN into the search box and press enter, NVDA will tell me that the program is already running and won’t let me get at it again.
it’s called checkpoint endpoint security.
Does anyone  have any ideas how I can get to the settings of the VPN.

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