Re: How to fill fillable PDF forms with NVDA


On Wed, Aug 3, 2022 at 09:16 AM, Chris Smart wrote:
Have you tried Adobe Acrobat DC?
Adobe Reader DC definitely supports the filling out of fillable PDF forms, and the saving of ones that permit you to save them once they're filled out.  Yes, there are fillable forms that do not allow you to save them and the process there is to fill them out then print the filled-out result.  They're less rare than you'd think.

Every fillable form I've ever dealt with, be it PDF or MS-Word, just involves traversing the form fields (including checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.) using TAB to move from item to item and doing whatever is appropriate for the particular item to fill it out.  A properly designed fillable form should announce the name/purpose of the item when you land in it and, if necessary, have associated help text if the name/purpose is not descriptive enough on its own.

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