Re: Question on switching language


Those settings only do anything if the page uses HTML like an internet page and if the language attribute changes when the language changes.  the changes have to be made by whoever is designing the page.

I don't know if any screen-readers or synthesizers use AI to try to detect and change language based on what is written on the screen.


On 8/3/2022 5:00 PM, Jackie wrote:

Chrissie, this is under Preferences > settings > speech. Ensure the
following options are checked.
automatic language switching
automatic dialect switching
Trust voice's language when processing characters and symbols

On 8/3/22, Chrissie <chrissie@...> wrote:
Hi Folks.

Is there any way, assuming you have the correct language voice available,
for NVDA to automatically switch languages if it finds another language on
page of text?


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