Re: Article on Screen Reader History (including NVDA)


On Thu, Aug 4, 2022 at 02:52 PM, Gene wrote:
I am talking about one specific use.
And others have not been, and you've continued to respond.  That matters, and it changes the scope of the conversation entirely.  That should not be news to you or anyone else with a command of conversation.

Digging in your heels and alluding to a post that I cannot even remember, and then claiming that this is all that should influence how people read things, just doesn't hold water.  That's not how conversations go.  They morph with time and it's pretty clear how this one has.

Again, you will not own what you say and how others react to it.  You'll just point back to something in the mists of memory that really has nothing to do with how conversations develop and grow.  Others can, and do, get to shift the context and you are expected to shift with it, or stop commenting when what you're saying has nothing, absolutely nothing, about what the others are talking about.  If ever there were a perfect example of this, here we've got it.

I don't know how many times this same situation has got to play out before you pick up a clue.  But it appears the number is infinite.  I have no patience for it, and have made that abundantly clear on multiple occasions.  Every time, the direct feedback is rebuffed, and I have no doubt it will be again.

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