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I could quote small later parts of the message to bolster my case, but this should be adequate.

Thank you for sharing this article and for allowing the discussion!
I enjoyed reading the article and was not aware of some of the history.
I was reading the article using Firefox and NVDA
I ran into multiple accessibility issues while reading
Probably because I was reading using explore by mouse...  :-)

If the person wasn't reading the article as that appears to indeicate he was, I'd like to know.  He has never said he didn't.  If he says he didn't and explain what he did, I'll be happy to address that.

Nothing I said is unclearly stated and it is the reasonable understanding of what he says he did.

On 8/4/2022 12:54 PM, Russell James wrote:


Thank you for your response

My Understanding is that Remote Incident Manager is intended to pick up where Quick Assist left off...
I think it may also be more integrated with things like MS end point management.
I don't know if it will be a replacement for things like Remote Desktop Protocol
Which provides a user with general remote access to another computer

I'm interested in knowing if anyone is using NVDA with Windows 11 IOT as compared to Windows 11 Desktop.
I don't know if Narator is included in Windows 11 IOT
I assume these will be supported so it may be a matter of installation/configuration

Thank you


On Thu, Aug 4, 2022 at 3:02 AM Brian's Mail list account via <> wrote:
There was an interesting demo of NVDA and the beta of Remote Incident
Manager on last weeks Mosen at Large podcast. Sounded like the answer to
many prayers, except the pricing when it comes out after the beta version.
Just my view.

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> Greetings,
> I wanted to see if anyone has used NVDA with Windows 11 IOT from another
> computer using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and if there are any
> tips/tricks that you can share.
> I don't know if Windows 11 IOT supports this without any additional
> software installation/configuration.
> I also don't know if Windows 11 IOT supports Narator with the initial
> installation.
> Thanks for anything you can share!
> Russ

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