Re: NVDA and windows 11


Hi all,

And I can assure you that NVDA developers are constantly looking for ways to improve support for Windows 11 (including the upcoming feature update). Due to hard disk crash a few months ago, I have switched to a laptop running Windows 11 as my primary machine, but I keep Windows 10 virtual machines handy just in case I need to test changes on older operating systems.

To answer an earlier question: if Windows 11 is deemed compatible, you'll see a control named "download and install now" in Settings/Update and security/Windows update (on Windows 10).

As for feature updates: the next updates for both Windows 10 and 11 are being tested by Windows Insiders. Perhaps the biggest change in upcoming Windows 11 feature update is tweaks to Settings app. At the moment Microsoft and some Insiders are testing some exciting features coming in future updates.



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