Re: Does updating NVDA preserve setttings?

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Well its supposed to do so. It kept mine, but in the past, just occasionally, it has reverted to something else. When I asked about this nobody could duplicate it, but I fancy its more likely that the original settings file was slightly corrupted in some way and parts of it were not readable at install time and hence the default settings got put in though at least let you hear what was going on. Strangely this seems to affect portable versions more often than installed ones. If you have ever had a faulty install and tried again I know this can leave things a bit strange in the .ini files.
If its a serious problem all the time, it might be worth reporting it.
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This last update to 2016.3 did not keep my speech settings and I had to go in and reset them.


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Someone else who uses a Braille display will have to absolutely confirm with regard to that. My experience with upgrading NVDA from release to release using the internal update feature or installing release candidate software has kept all of my settings preserved as well as all the add-ons I've installed. This is common practice now and the only deviation I commonly see from it is the inclusion of a specific question during certain installs where a question is asked as to whether you'd like to do a clean install and telling you this resets everything back to "out of the box" condition. NVDA has never presented me with one of these and has always carried my settings forward.

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