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David Goldfield

Oh, for goodness sake. Your explanations about how you were discussing something about why you explained why you don’t wonder about why others don’t do something … this sounds so incredibly ridiculous. Please, please, just let this go.


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I think that in view of what you have said more than once, in case people believe I said my way is better or people should use it, I didn't make any such statements.  I explained why I prefer the method I use.  When I said I wonder, I was saying that I wonder if a lot of people don't know the way I use because a lot of people don't just look around or try things out of curiosity and my initial message didn't make any statement saying that the other way is inferior or that people shouldn't use it.  While I didn't explain that that is why I said I wonder, my message discussed it to such an extent that I believed people would understand that meaning.  Regardless, the discussion may help people be more aware of the value of looking around.  Here are a few more examples of the value of checking the title bar in many programs when the programs are doing things you might expect to generate information or if you re just curious. 

I started doing this more after I did so just to do it and I found information I wanted to know some of the time.

For example, at times, if I'm listening to a recording using Winamp and for some reason, there is a period of silence, if I read the title bar it will say Winamp if it is still playing and Winamp stopped if the file has ended.

There are some audio streams such as some old time radio streams I can stream in Winamp.  Usually, the site is set up so the name of what is being played appears in the title bar. 

I don't use it much any longer, but I used to use a radio aggregator program and if the station provided the information, which it usually did, I could see what was playing by reading the title bar.

While I don't know this, I suspect a lot of blind people miss information they might want because they don't know what is shown in the title bar at times. 


On 8/4/2022 7:16 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:

All I can say to answer, and hopefully close, this topic is to say that I think I know lots of reasonable people, and many of them take great issue when people say things like "I don't know why you're so concerned with this when you can get the same thing another way ..." etc. Who is anyone to say they don't understand why folks do the things the way they do? If they get the information they need, if the job gets done, does it really matter to us how they get it? Like I recently said, we can suggest better maybe more efficient alternatives, but they should come in that form--a suggestion, hopefully given with the idea of expanding the listener's knowledge about something. It just sounds like a criticism, is all I'm saying. I've worked with enough people in over thirty-five years to have observed how what one says can be taken in by said listener, and maybe even misinterpreted. I try to avoid that at all costs.


On 8/4/2022 7:32 PM, Gene wrote:

Perhaps, since you have been the only person to put forward your interpretation, it may mean that your understanding is not generally shared, which may mean that your criticism is generally not valid.  I can interpret all sorts of things in all sorts of ways.  The law uses, constantly, the reasonable person standard, what would a resonable person do in such a circumstance, how would a reasonable person understand something. 


On 8/4/2022 5:32 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:

You missed my point, which was to say that it's not our business to openly wonder why people do the things they do the way they do them. In my opinion, that's just unnecessary and, quite frankly, harsh criticism folks don't need. Ask all you like about why others do things differently than you do; using phrases like "I wonder why" can be easily misinterpreted to mean "How silly you are to do things that way, when my way is so superior--I don't need all that other nonsense." Suggesting better methods is always good; putting someone down for failing to acknowledge the superiority of your methods or for using others that you yourself might not like or use, that's not cool.


On 8/4/2022 12:37 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Thu, Aug 4, 2022 at 12:33 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:

And I wonder at times why you wonder at times about the why's and wherefores of how others work.

Take your own advice.  All of us have the right to wonder about how other people handle things, and to express our opinions about same.  It's no skin off your nose.

In addition, and this is not a case like this, very often "how someone works" reveals an ignorance about other options.  I can't count the number of times someone's said that they do something one way, which is without question a more difficult way, and were advised by others that a number of other options exist.

I have tired of people who seem to thing that being challenged or questioned on a group like this one is inappropriate.  It isn't.  You, and anyone else, is free to take or reject any advice offered.



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