Announcement: NVDA Add-on Store is under development, NV Access folks are seeking feedback


Hello NVDA community,

The following notice is really meant for resident developers and early adopters (power users included) as it discusses prerelease software:

For some time various communities hosted add-ons metadata and produced add-ons to browse and download add-ons. These include NVDA Store from French community, Tienda the Spanish community NVDA Store, and of course, Add-on Updater (not a store but an update client). Recently NV Access has shown interest in creating a central repository of add-ons and a store feature so users can browse, install, and update add-ons directly from NVDA without relying on store add-ons.

After months of design and gathering early feedback, NV Access staff has published a pull request to let folks try it and give feedback:

Addon store by feerrenrut · Pull Request #13985 · nvaccess/nvda (


IMPORTANT: this is a pull request, a place to comment on design and direction of a new feature, change, or a bug fix. As Add-on Store is in early development, things can change without notice. Therefore, only developers and early adopters (especially add-on authors) are asked to provide feedback for now, either by commenting on the pull request itself or sending an email to info@... after trying out the linked pull request.


A note for Add-on Updater users: as I promised years ago, once NVDA gains ability to update add-ons by itself, Add-on Updater will be discontinued. I’ll talk more about the “end game” once the linked pull request is integrated into NVDA in the future.



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