Re: Announcement: NVDA Add-on Store is under development, NV Access folks are seeking feedback



I think the latter as these repositories (including the NV Access add-ons datastore) use different formats to store add-on metadata. For example, the default repo Add-on Updater uses (community add-ons website with compatibility info from a second repository) store add-on information in a dictionary format, whereas Spanish community and NV Access datastore use a list to store data. Also, the backend (server side) is different - the new datastore from NV Access wants to know which NVDA release the user is using so it can display compatible add-ons, whereas other repositories simply return a JSON dump of the entire database. As a result, Add-on Updater (and other store clients) must parse add-ons metadata to see if there are compatible add-ons based on compatibility information recorded in the database, whereas with the new NV Access datastore, only add-ons compatible with the current release are returned so clients do not have to do any work.



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