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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Afik

The last time I used Disney plus on the phone it was very accessible.

Disney plus on the web was very accessible and also the app on my samsung tv.

Not all shows are audio described on disney plus.

You also need to find a show depending how you go in say that is audio described  and start playing it. At that time it will play as normal with out audio description.

You need then to go into the player and I think it was under the audio section change it from english to english audio description then you will hear it.

I did do a tutorial on how to do it with nvda on the website using nvda that can be found at

When you get to that page locate the heading for disney plus and under it is a link to the tutorial on what to do.

It should be a simular idea if you use the screen reader on a phone to turn it on.

After it is on no matter what device you access it with if the show has audio description on it you will be good to go.

The next link will take you to the shows that are audio described at

It may vary country to country but quite a few i TRIED in New Zealand played with audio description.

Hope it helps.

Gene nz

On 5/08/2022 10:08 pm, Afik Souffir wrote:




Some of you told me that’s many things on Disney plus are accessible.


So, unfortentally, it’s not so accessible and the customer service dept. didn’t know what I want from them when I’m saying for example: the sound of music is not come with audio description. They said, its not there responsibility.

They even asked me if I mean the dabbing.


Any help to sole the AD problem and the misunderstand of Disney plus, will be really great.






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