Excel not speaking cell coordinates or content on startup or refocus

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I am running into a rather odd situation when I startup Excel

Or when I take focus away from it and minimize, then come back to it.

NVDA will say A1 selected, and then will not speak as I arrow around.

If I press alt to go into the ribbon menus, and then alt to exit them, then it will start speaking the cell's coordinates and content.

If I minimize and come back, again, NVDA will speak the cell at cursor with the selected term, and not speak on arrowing.

Same solution as above works.

I don't hear error sounds, and a quick look the log does not seem to indicate anything wrong in Excel either.

I have unchecked use UI automation for controls when available in Excel as a test.

I am using office 365 with the latest updates, and NVDA 2022.2, as well as 2022.3 beta.

The results are the same.



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