Re: Unable To Display Status Bar IN Latest Thunderbird Version 102.1.1

Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

If what you say is true about this being beta software, then why was I prompted to update from within Thunderbird itself?
Maybe your reference is outdated?

On 8/6/2022 11:05 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I have made posts about Thunderbird Version 102 in one of the JAWS groups and here as well.  From the JAWS Group:
What I can't figure out is why anyone who is not a typical beta user is upgrading to Thunderbird 102.  From the noted page: Thunderbird version 102.0 is only offered as direct download from and not as an upgrade from Thunderbird version 91 or earlier. A future release will provide updates from earlier versions.

There could be quite a few changes before it hits the release channel.  Those choosing to use beta software need to understand what that entails.  I still have 91.11.0 and a check for updates from the help menu clearly indicates that's the latest version on the release channel.
And in this group, in message  I noted that the developer of Mozilla Apps Enhancements reported that there were known issues between that add-on and Thunderbird 102.  I have not kept up on this, since 102 is not on the release channel yet, and I expect that beta software will sometimes have issues and that they often get fixed provided beta testers report them in the months leading up to a release candidate.

And while the above may have absolutely nothing to do with the exact issue raised here, it is essential to remember when using any piece of software that is not a part of the official release channel at the time it's being used.

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