Re: NVDA and Fractions



          For those not familiar with regular expressions feel free to skip this post.

          I found the way to limit this to something that has some multi character typed fraction ahead of the word "cup" by using a regular expression match for the following regular expression:

([1-9]+/[1-9]+[0-9]*) cup

and replacing it with the regular expression:

\1 Cup

and it works like a charm.  This is entered into the NVDA default dictionary.  Thanks much for the bit about cup with a capital C always being said as "cup."  

I would have thought that Cuban Pesos would have required an all caps abbreviation akin to USD for U.S. dollars or GBP for Great Britain Pounds.

It's also handy to know that the implementation of regular expressions used under NVDA uses the backslash character, and not the dollar sign character, to denote the actual string matched by the numbered parentheses enclosed matching string.


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