Re: Unable To Display Status Bar IN Latest Thunderbird Version 102.1.1


On Sun, Aug 7, 2022 at 04:04 PM, Gene wrote:
The program itself is telling you to update if you rely on information in the about dialog.  It also tells you that you are on the main update channel. 
Indeed.  If you have automatic updating enabled, but are between the check for update cycles (as it's not checked every 5 minutes, but every few days), going to the Help menu and choosing About Thunderbird will trigger a manual check for updates, and will notify you if one is available and tell you what the version number of that update actually is.

So far, in my personal experience, I have not seen a single instance of Thunderbird 91.X ever offer anything other than the next of the 91.X dot releases.  A jump to the on-hundred or higher (and I think one oh two is the first in that series that has now been released) versions has not been offered.  And this is congruent with what Mozilla states about the update progression as it currently exists at the time of this writing.

I've also learned, and this is not meant to be accusatory, that a very great many end users have taken actions that they neither realize they have taken or have applied updates they weren't exactly aware they were applying.  One of my perennial favorites is those who claim that either Windows 10 Feature Updates or the in-place upgrade to Windows 11 happened without their input.  Ever since full-automatic updating for these classes of changes ceased there is always a "Download and install" link for them, with the description of what you're downloading and installing before it.  How anyone "misses" this before activating that link will always elude me.  This has absolutely nothing to do with a given users visual status.  I run in to this all the time when I'm out tending to people's computers.  They're not lying, in the conventional sense, in many cases when they say, "But I didn't {insert thing here/update in this conversation."  But they are mistaken, as certain update paths just do not happen, settings do not get changed, unless you as an individual or something you chose to install actually goes in and makes settings changes.  And in some cases, there are ways to verify what actually happened, though you seldom want to involve the client in that regard, but where having done so makes it easier to determine how to proceed or to back out a given change.

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