Re: Excel not speaking cell coordinates or content on startup or refocus

Dark Count

Unfortunately it is not the scroll lock causing this.

Though I too have had that happen before.

The com registration tool did not fix this, though I seem to have this happening more randomly.



On 8/7/2022 1:15 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

I remember a fix but can not remember what version of excel it was but one was apparently if you went into excel then tried to arrow around say from a1 to other cells it would not say any thing.

Apparently if the scroll lock was on it would cause this problem

When turned off you could arrow around and hear what was in each cell. Maybe it was hit accidentally.

I did also about the same time see the other suggestion given but think it was for latest excel?

Let us know if it was the scroll lock causing the problem?

Gene nz

On 7/08/2022 6:23 pm, William wrote:

My experience is disabling the uia option in nvda will correctly report the set column and row header.

Luke Davis 於 7/8/2022 07:10 寫道:
Dark Count wrote:

I am running into a rather odd situation when I startup Excel
Or when I take focus away from it and minimize, then come back to it.
NVDA will say A1 selected, and then will not speak as I arrow around.
I had something similar to this happening with Office 2019, about 18 months ago. I reported it in a Github issue, but it never got any love. In my case, the logs showed that the virtual buffer was crashing, and the alt trick caused it to be reinitialized. But switching apps would also fix it, which doesn't seem to be happening with you.

Have you tried NVDA with add-ons disabled?

Also, have you tried the COM Registration Fixing Tool in the NVDA tools menu?


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