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Indeed, but increasingly I am finding sites that say something like, you are using an advertisement blocker. You will only be able to access the site if you remove or turn it off, then a link to how to do this in the popular browsers.
The problem is, that I have little issue with adverts, if they are built with access in mind. Its no good having an accessible site, then allowing any tom dick or Harry to put inline advertising in that breaks the site for access. Maybe those writing advertising content need to get educated as well as web designers.

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Mary's suggestion about using a reader mode, when available, is an excellent one.

Another thing is using something like uBlock Origin (my favorite, and way more than just an ad-blocker) in your browser of choice if said browser isn't something like Brave or Vivaldi where those same functions are largely built-in on security and privacy-focused browsers.

I haven't surfed the web in literally decades without an ad-blocker of some sort active, so I see very little of this material. If it drives me insane for "visual clutter" distractions I can only imagine what it does as far as needlessly making accessibility to "real content" way more tedious.

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