Re: Nvda addon Instant Translate seems to me not working

umut korkmaz

Hello Jarek,

It is necessary to press NVDA+Shift keys and then the letter T to translate the text on the clipboard.

You can get help if you press the NVDA+Shift keys and press the letter H.

For example: I wrote this message in Turkish and I am sending it to you by translating it into English as I mentioned above.




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Kimden: Jarek.Krcmar
Gönderilme: 8 Ağustos 2022 Pazartesi 16:40
Kime: Nvda
Konu: [nvda] Nvda addon Instant Translate seems to me not working


Hello group,



I have downloaded the Nvda addon Instant Translate and I have set this:

It should translate a text from Czech to Esperanto. Then I copyed a text

to clipboard and presed Nvda+Ctrl+Shift+T, and I hoped the text is

translated. But it was happenning nothing.


I have the last version of Nvda and the version of Instant Translate is



Do you have any idea, please?













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