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Looks like Brian sorted out the cup issue, but I can answer the one ratio 48 thing on Windows startup.  Normally a clock would be displayed as 1:48, that is 1 colon 48.  Ratios are written very similarly - I always thought it was the same symbol, so computer monitors are often 16:9 which is for every 16 pixels they are wide, they are 9 high.  It turns out there is a "ratio" symbol, which looks exactly like a colon, only set slightly higher.  For reasons known only to Microsoft, they chose to use that symbol to display the clock on the Windows lock screen.  I've raised it with them, but really the best way to influence change (on this or other issues) is for as many people to be heard as possible and also write to them - either to @msftenable on twitter, the disability answer desk, or accessibility feedback page:



On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 4:50 AM, John Sanfilippo <johnsanfilippo@...> wrote:

I have no solution, but do also experience this and similar odd "super
interpretations" which are annoying.

I'm not sure if the problem is with NVDA or with the chosen speech
synth. For instance, I'm using Microsoft's SAPI5, David.

O, and when my Mac boots in win10 the logon voice is e-speak. It says
"one ratio 48" instead of "thirteen 48" or "one 48 PM".

John S

On 10/17/16 13:30, Brian Vogel wrote:
> Hello All,
>          On the JFW group a thread has started entitled, How to insert a
> 1-digit fraction into a 2013 word document
> <,,,100,0,0,0::RecentPostDate%2FSticky,,,100,2,0,2911704>
>           I started playing with NVDA and Window-Eyes to see how they'd
> handle three-character fraction designations versus single vulgar
> fraction characters for vulgar fractions other than one fourth, one
> half, and three quarters.  With NVDA I've run into an interesting issue
> that I cannot seem to fix in the context of writing something incredibly
> common:  a recipe.   Virtually any recipe you name might contain a
> fraction of a cup of something.  When I use one slash three for one
> third, or two slash three for two thirds, the word cup that follows it
> is consistently announced as Cuban Pesos, not cup.  This is not true
> when I use a vulgar fraction character ahead of the word cup, and NVDA
> does what I consider the more natural thing and doesn't announce
> "vulgar" or "vulgar fraction" followed by one third or two thirds, but
> just says the fractional amount and the word cup gets said as cup.
>           I have tried tweaking the default and voice dictionaries, but
> must be doing something wrong.  The pattern I'm using is the word cup,
> and the replacement is the word cup, and I make sure that it's set for
> whole word only.  Even after doing this I still get "Cuban pesos" after
> the three-character version of a vulgar fraction.  I have exited NVDA
> and restarted it and it makes no difference.
>           I either don't have the format down correctly for what I need
> to put in for the dictionary, have the wrong dictionary, or there's some
> sort of bug here as I can't imagine "Cuban pesos" to be something you'd
> want said for "cup" except in the very rarest of circumstances.
>           Can anyone help me out here?
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