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Quentin Christensen

Hi everyone,

Thanks for raising this and the interesting conversation around it.  Firstly, I would like to echo Joseph's point and share that we do definitely value each and every contributor, no matter what form that contribution may take: Code contributions, donations, reporting or investigating issues, telling others about NVDA, teaching others to use NVDA, liking or sharing our tweets and facebook posts etc etc.

When that contributors list was originally setup (it is available via the help menu in NVDA for anyone not sure where it is) - the intention was similar to the trend in other open source projects at the time - to thank those who helped the project, primarily through code contributions.

We have recently offered the opportunity for acknowledgement of donations via the various tiers in our GitHub Sponsorship.  While we hadn't anticipated people looking for donors in the contributors list, I can absolutely see where people could think of that.

This has also provoked discussion among the NV Access team around how to acknowledge contributors of all types, and how we might update the format or content of that document in future.  There will be various considerations in this, including the amount of work keeping it up to date, as well as ensuring that we don't publicly name people who wish to remain private,

So, no timeline for this, but watch this space.  Do please feel free to reply or let us know if you have ideas around how you'd like to see this proceed.  In the meantime, if anyone donates and would like some recognition, do let me know!

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On Tue, Aug 9, 2022 at 1:27 AM Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:


Given that more and more folks outside of NV Access are contributing code (and localization data) to NVDA, I can see the need to update contributors list. It runs into a maintenance problem for source code maintainers: locating authorship information for files and packages, made more complicated as some files in the NVDA source code repository have no copyright header whatsoever. At least we have sponsors list on GitHub so NV Access can acknowledge them.

Money is not the only way to help NV Access and NVDA. Simply promoting NVDA and the principles of this movement (equal access to technology) is valuable too. And those who do just that are far more numerous to list. What's more, the fact that folks are using NVDA in unexpected places, coupled with its reputation as trying to follow accessibility standards contributes significantly to the promotion, reputation, and growth of NVDA and the movement it represents.

Let me repeat what I declared in 2016 as part of NVDACon then: NVDA is more than a screen reader - it is a movement. Money can surely help, and it is okay to tell folks publicly about it. But the "real stars" of this movement, people who sustains the movement toward equal access to technology, are those who open up opportunities for those who could not (surprisingly, it includes all users), and it will take far more than the length of the contributors document to list and some may wish to remain anonymous (willingly or due to circumstances beyond our control).



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