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I get this problem too, the other is that some forms are inconsistent as to where the button description is, or whether the ranking is high to low or the oteher way around or indeed if the button or description is first. Gets even worse when some are tables and others not. I think there is a lot of education needed for form designers.

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I don't understand the issue here, I have had no problems answering
ranking questions in surveys. I have, however, had issues with radio
buttons not being reported correctly. If I'm tabbing through a form
with radio buttons, a lot of times it just reads the radio buttons
with no context as to what the radio button is for. My workaround for
this has been to use arrow keys instead. Is there something I'm
missing here?

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Hello, all,

I have recently discovered how to answer a ranking question in a survey
form. I have colleagues with a visual impairment who are also users of NVDA
and would like to practice on a sample of such a question. I have approached
Microsoft without success. They say that they cannot provide a sample even
though I clearly do not need an actual live survey.

A marketing survey would be a possible option. In such a survey the
questions can be treated as live without causing a problem to the survey
owner such as a shopping survey.

All suggestions welcome!

All the best,


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