Re: NVDA and Fractions



            Are you able to snag the ratio character you refer to and send it to me via e-mail?

            In any case, the following regular expression should catch the time as shown by Microsoft no matter what the character used between the hour and the minute:

                        ([1]*[0-9]+)(.)([0-5]{1}[0-9]{1}) ([a,A,p,P])([m,M])

and use the following replace string to get it pronounced correctly (note, I am going to presume that the backslash is used as the match string notation, if you regular expression interpreter uses the dollar sign substitute it where I have a backslash):

                        \1 \3 \4 \5

this would take the string "6:37 PM" and break it up as "6 37 P M" for the synthesizer.

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