Re: Experimenting with NVDA to answer ranking questions


Those are illustrations of why I say that people should be in browse mode in unfamiliar forms and down arrow through the form.  You may miss information if you just tab in any mode.  The information may be important or not, but either way, you may miss it.

You may see at times, for example, an example of how a field is intended to be filled out, such as a date format.


On 8/9/2022 2:19 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:

I get this problem too, the other is that some  forms are inconsistent as to where the button description is, or whether the ranking is high to low or the oteher way around or indeed if the button or description is first. Gets even worse when some are tables and others not. I think there is a lot of education needed for form designers.

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