locked Re: OneCore Voices Uninstalling themselves


Did you try exiting NVDA and running it again?  I don't know if that would help, of course, but that is the first thing to try when odd problems develop regarding NVDA.

The second, if that doesn't help, is to reboot.  Then, its time to do other things, if necessary.


On 8/9/2022 2:35 AM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

Just checked, and all the voices are visible within Narrator when I go to install more, but NVDA doesn't see them when I switch to 1Core voices in the Speech Settings. What's going on?

On 9/08/2022 5:17 pm, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:
A couple weeks ago, I installed the OneCore voices for Japanese and a few others, so I could use them in future. I had a bit of trouble getting them to stick around initially, but they seemed to cooperate, not disappearing after restarts. I just went and checked, though, and I'm back to only the voices for US English and Australian English.

Is there a way to stop Windows from removing these voices whenever I look away for too long?

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