locked Re: OneCore Voices Uninstalling themselves


You have a lot of unexpected minor behavior problems on your computers.  As I recall, you use a utility that changes the view used by Windows in places.  I'm not sure where.  But perhaps the settings changes may be caused by that utility.  Its better just to learn the small changes in the format, such as those in the start menu and use the new system as it is. 

On switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I looked at the start menu, and very quickly found how to get to the list of applications.  If I open the start menu and tab twice, I am in the list.

I don't like introducing utilities that change the intended display of items.  I don't know if or how such utilities may have unexpected results and the changes to the view are minor in general.


On 8/9/2022 4:34 AM, Brian's Mail list account via groups.io wrote:

Well in Windows 10, I've seen this quite a bit, but usually only on third party software. I don't know but its one reason why on this working everyday machine I have shunned Windows 10.

I do have it on a laptop, but regularly find settings have changed after an update like the views of files and folders and the security settings.

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