Re: NVDA and Fractions



        Thanks.  I agree that it's bizarre that Microsoft decided to use the ratio symbol in time.  It actually looks like a colon set slightly lower than center, but it's not something I would ever have thought of, nor thought it was not a colon, until you mentioned this.

         I also confirmed that my regular expression and replacement make NVDA stop saying "ratio" as part of time (at least when I have it written out in a MS-Word document using the ratio symbol as the separator).  But since AM and PM are read as on would expect one can simplify the regular expression to:

([1]*[0-9]+)(.)([0-5]{1}[0-9]{1}) ([a,A,p,P][m,M])

and the replacement expression to:  \1 \3 \4

since there's no need to separate the A or P from the M to get things announced as one would expect.

It's been some years since I had to use regular expressions with any regularity but they're somewhat like riding a bicycle in that once you've done that you can pick it up again pretty much anytime later on.


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