Re: Excel not speaking cell coordinates or content on startup or refocus

Dark Count

Just a quick update:

Under the this is going to be one of those weird cases which we never found a solution to because resolved itself, sort of...

It seems after changing to E-speak, and then restarting NVDA with add-ons enabled again, and changing back to my default synth, things are for now at least behaving.

I did run a prepare of Office 365, and also the com registration tool which I think I will get into the habit of doing so every few months just because I notice things are snappier where they were not before in other applications.

Why the different synthesizer would make a difference is still a mystery to me.

So, till somebody spins a theory, or comes up with an explanation, I'll say... just because.

Thanks for the help.


On 8/8/2022 11:42 AM, Dark Count via wrote:

I have done so.

I also ran a repair of office.

Now, here is an interesting conundrum.

I disabled add-ons, and one core voices not only has the issue, but also errors on focus to Excel.

E-speak altogether does not seem to be having this issue in Excel.

Tempted to just create a profile on focus to excel with E-speak and call it a day, but for the fact this is not going to solve the overall issue.



On 8/7/2022 3:42 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Sun, Aug 7, 2022 at 06:38 PM, Dark Count wrote:
The com registration tool did not fix this, though I seem to have this happening more randomly.
Have you tried running NVDA with add-ons disabled to see if that makes any difference?

At least doing so allows you to rule in/out a possible culprit.  I realize that you likely can't use NVDA sans add-ons as a permanent situation, but you can then systematically do a "search and destroy" mission to determine which add-on is causing the issue if it disappears when you run sans add-ons.

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