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That’s not a good idea to have any screen reader such as NVA announcing  letters of a password being said. Especially on a public computer.  You don’t know if anyone can see what she’s typing. They can  hear it to. If you are alone at home then its  okay to have your  password being said.  Your  friend is asking  for trouble if she’s using a public computer.    


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Yes, though for goodness sake do not have this enabled in a public place,

since  as has been stated, its a security risk. If you are in the bad habit

of always using the same password, then expect to be hacked if you do!






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You want this addon:



On 8/8/2022 11:15 PM, Nimer Jaber wrote:

> Hello,

> As this is quite a security risk, I suggest, instead, either turning off

> character echo if she already knows how to type, or leaving it as is.

> The longer answer is that some password fields on some sites will have a

> box to show the password as it is being typed. This could be an option

> where it exists. But again, I really recommend your friend simply gets

> used to typing in passwords without the character feedback. In fact, I

> recommend most people disable character echo altogether, and either opt

> for no typing echo, or at least Word echo. The extra chatter simply isn't

> needed if the individual feels comfortable typing.

> Thanks.

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>     Dear nvda users,____

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>     I’m asking on behalf of a friend who is beginner in using nvda.____

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>     Can someone tell me where I can turn off the nvda feature of saying

>     asterisk in the password prompts? My friend prefers to hear what she

>     is typing in the password prompt.____

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>     Thank you____

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