Re: Unable To Display Status Bar IN Latest Thunderbird Version 102.1.1

Ron Canazzi

and Curtis,

you are probably one of those who complains about too many message and too high a traffic on lists you are on.  I never complain about this because of my tried and true method of filtering/grouping. Let 'em come; if I am interested they get read and if I'm not they go bye bye!

On 8/10/2022 12:05 AM, Curtis Delzer wrote:

they updated so status bar you can under the view menu enable or disable. 102.1.2.

On 8/6/2022 7:59 PM, Gene wrote:
This may be something NVDA will have to update.  The status bar is still read when using JAWS.  Whether Thunderbird or NVDA should correct the situation is something I'll leave to the two sets of developers.


On 8/6/2022 9:40 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

Has anyone upgraded Thunderbird to the latest version 102.1.1?  If so, can you read the status bar?  I cannot on my system: Windows 11, 64 bit with latest NVDA 2022.2.

Curtis Delzer
 Rialto, CA

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