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If you have installed it, and answered the questions about starting on
start-up, then it should work. I am aware that on some machines it can take a
significant time, and if the sound drivers do not load first, then nvda
seems to not speak, since the log shows it has found no sound device.
It does not depend on the desktop shortcut to run, but inserts itself into
the windows start up queue.
Do you hear anything working sound wise?. I guess you might wish to launch
a portable copy after start up and see whether it works. I assume it does
from your comment. So if you shut down the portable copy and use the
keyboard shortcut to start the installed one, does it give the rising tones
etc and other sounds, and then just not speak?.
This indicates it did not find the hardware on start up at windows start up
and set it to silence.

So I really cannot think of any other reason not mentioned already in this

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Howard Traxler wrote:

Thanks Gene, trying to start NVDA from the start menu simply shuts down the running portable version and stops without ...
We need to see what is failing when you attempt to start NVDA.

Try to start it, as Gene suggested, then, when it fails, attach the file at %temp%\nvda.log to an email to me directly (luke@...). You're not able to send it to the list directly, or I'd just suggest you do that.


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