Re: Can we use SPSS and NVIVO with NVDA?


Oh the author had also mentioned about NVIVO?

I would say NVIVO is a software totally inaccessable with screen reader.

When NVIVO was still in version 9 or 10 I have contacted their support services reporting to them the accessible issue, and their staff told me that I could use the accessibility features build in to windows to access their software, and what they meant were NVIVO support windows magnifier, lol.

Later in 2021 or 2020, they have explicitly mentioned in their blog or something saying that NVIVO is accessable using narrator on win and voiceover on mac.

I have tried installing the trial version on both windows and mac and turn out it is completely inaccessable, I could not imagine how they could make the claim that it is accessible.

The way that I was successfully using NVIVO was only NVIVO 8, with a old version of NVDA, but still you have to spend a lot of effort to work around some of the issues.

Louise Pfau 於 11/8/2022 03:30 寫道:

Hi.  I couldn't use SPSS nearly twenty years ago with JAWS for a university statistics course, and I wasn't an NVDA user at the time.  I recall a discussion on this list about this, but I don't believe the alternative to the GUI was mentioned.  I wish I'd known about it.  I never used NVIVO.


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