Re: code factory voices

Steve Wettlaufer

All you need to do is go to the CodeFactory website and download the latest version of the addon.  Once you've installed that, you should then be able to update NVDA without losing access to your voices.


On 2022-08-12 7:53 a.m., The Gamages via wrote:

Some time agoI got a mnessage frrom NVDA to say that my code factory voices would not work with the next version of NVDA, so I haven't updated NVDA since, I have  some questions before I do something about it.

1. Do I need to purchase a new package?

2. can I just purchase a new license?

If I have to purchas a new package, will the one which is not an NVDA add on work with NVDA?

My present package is quite old I suppose, but as it is quite an expensive item, I am hoping that a product which is independant of NVDA will not stop working at a later point.

Any clarification will be most appreciated, Thank you.

Best Regards, Jim.

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