Re: NVDA Startup


One thing to check is whether NVDA is running but you aren't getting speech.  When a screen-reader stops speaking, with no other information, it can't be assumed if the screen=-reader has stopped or if the synthesizer has stopped working.

Run narrator, control Windows key enter, that is hold both control and enter and press enter.

Once it is running, run NVDA.

After it should be running, try opening the NVDA menu with numpad insert n.  Does the NVDA menu open?

If so, the problem may be with the synthesizer or synthesizer settings in some way.
Close the menu with escape, then Open the speech dialog using control NVDA key v.
Tab around to volume and see what it is.  Raise it if necessary, then actavate the ok button.

If there is nothing to change activate cancel. 
Then open the synthesizer dialog with control NVDA key s.  You will be in a combo box.  Select a synthesizer, try e-speak.  Move to it and press enter.

Do you now have speech from both screen-readers?  I said to try e-speak assuming you weren't using it already.  If you already are, try something else like the one core voices. 


On 8/12/2022 6:30 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:

Yes, I do have NVDA installed and set to start on boot..  It started the first time I tried but doesn't any more.  So, I must revert to a portable version.  I must have something set wrong.  That shortcut shuts down the portable version and nothing else happens.  I'll try that shortcut while jaws is running and see what happens.


On 8/12/2022 1:38 AM, Sean Budd (NV Access) wrote:
Your desktop shortcut is for an installed copy of NVDA.

If you are trying to run a portable version, that shortcut will not work.

Do you have NVDA installed?

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