Re: Can we use SPSS and NVIVO with NVDA?


As far as SPSS in command-line mode, see:  SPSS: Working with Command Syntax

For the full "flotilla" of SPSS documentation (the Manuals section is likely to be very handy): IBM SPSS Statistics 28.0.1 Documentation

There are documents on that page entitled Accessibility.pdf for various OSes and languages.  JAWS is explicitly mentioned in the English Accessibility.PDF and there is a JAWS dictionary file they propose you add to your collection.

But, in the end, I suspect that blind users will be far better off using the now-ancient but still supported command line syntax.  Particularly if you're working with pre-existing data sets.  I think my time with SPSS occurred after I was done with the punch-card phase of a computer science program but it was still command line setting things up in files on a monochrome monitor or tractor-feed paper equivalent, with keyboard.  Ah, the days when 300 BAUD was considered insanely fast.

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