Re: NVDA Add-on Idea: Output everything normally spoken as CW

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

You know how slow that would be? For example, a very fast CW output would be 60 words per minute (60 WPM.)  Now just imagine doing this: to get an idea of just how slow that 'fast CW' transmission would be.  Count to your self: one one thousand
two one thousand
three one thousand and then at that pace, start speaking normal length words such as

and so on.

See what I mean?

Besides, CW is only used now of days for station IDs within commercial radio land services and on the ham bands. The military has quit using it years ago.

On 8/12/2022 12:14 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
Yes I am aware of all of that. Ok, never mind. LOL Just floating the idea.

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What is the point of this though, given that there are now CW mores pieces
of software out there to receive and transmit it?

I guess it might be nice to send word files over CW, but you don't really
need nvda to do that. Remember a lot of Morse is abbreviations these days
due to the slowness if its human read. I cannot imagine how frustrating
having a screenreader outputting in Morse might be.

There are many faster digital modes if you really want to broadcast the
text, as I'm sure you are aware.

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I don't know the first thing about Python or how to build an NVDA Add-on.

So, very generally, what would be involved in developing an add-on that
echoed speech output in Morse code? The audio would need to be a nice sine
wave. Parameters like words per minute, inter-character, word, and sentence
spacing, and the frequency of the tone could all be adjustable.

Other then that, it would just spew out whatever would normally go to your
speech synthesizer.

That would be a real boon to people trying to learn the code. Make me depend
on it to read an email or two, or something else of interest a day, and I'd
get faster in a hurry out of a combination of necessity and frustration.


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