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Basically, you just need to learn how to read the css but you won't necessarily have that information in the html document. It is standard practice for the html document to reference the css file for all of this information as opposed to having it in the document. If you do not know how to read css then the information you are probably looking for best be obtained by hiring a sighted individual to describe things for you as they visually appear on the page.

PS Bookshare has the book CSS the missing manual that you should try if you are actually wanting to learn how to write CSS3.

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Hello Quentin and thank you for your answer.
What I wanted to ask was about the format information whenb you are creating a web site, and you create your css style. I would like to know if there is a way for NVDA to tell us the changes we do to our html document, you know, the border, size, spacing and all those details that are important when style.
Hope to have explained my self better this time.
Thank you for any help or direction in this matter.
Have a fantastic day!

2016-09-04 16:43 GMT-06:00, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...>:
By format information, do you mean the underlying HTML / CSS code?
For HTML, you can view the page source. The method may vary slightly
for different browsers, but for Firefox, if you press the applications
key pretty much anywhere on the page to bring up the context menu,
choose "View page source". That shows you the HTML. The CSS that
tells the browser how to display the various elements may be in the
same file or may be in other files. NVDA can read that, but whether
the source itself for many pages is understandable is a different matter entirely *grin*.



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Hello everybody, I hope everything is fine.
I would like to know if there is a way in NVDA to Access all format
information in a html page.
This would be very useful when styling using css.
I will apreciate any help in this matter.
Thank you in advance.

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