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I don't think this is new. I've seen the files not being read and reading update history going back to Win 7. As for whether its more likely with newer nvda versions, well maybe it has been. Alt tab and alt tab back sometimes works, but at other times you seem to get into views that say a B C etcc. I have a sneaking suspicion it may be certain choices of details or how files are displayed that makes it worse though. It needs somebody with patience to work logically though only alting one thing at a time to solve these sort of problems.
There is also an allied issue where alt tab if alte it is held down and multiple programs are running you suddenly find you can only get to 2 of the running programs, and have to click on the program itself to start things working again.

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The Windows update settings window is some what bothering with the latest versions. I am afraid whether this has been caused by NVDA or the Windows itself.

The recent update window does not leave the NVDA focus stable, the list of updates keeps moving away from the focus automatically.

Some times it is difficult to see the list of update items and their progress level cannot be read with NVDA.

The focus moves to the Pause button instead of the list.

So Tab and Shift+Tab several times would help to some what find the required details.

It would be more helpful if we can have a standard way with NVDA in these windows.




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I have had similar experiences with things like the Windows Update window

Usually when it first opens it says the last time it was updated

However, it is not accessible to the mouse or arrow keys

Then if I use the tab key it seems to put it into focus and the window becomes accessible

I have also had to get used to something similar while editing email messages.

However, I don't know what triggers the problem...

Sometimes it is like the message edit box goes out of focus

Then the arrow keys stop speaking the text being edited

If I force the focus to somewhere else like the subject field and come back to the edit box it works properly again

I have only been having these problems in more recent versions of NVDA.

This probably started about a year or so ago...


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Running latest releases of Win 10 and NVDA.
On a random basis I can open a folder such as my documents or downloads
and it appears on the screen to be normal. However I can not read the
files and folders by either using first letter or up and down arrows. I
try closing the folder and open it again with same results. So far the
only way I have found to solve the problem is to close and restart
NVDA.On some instances I have to close and restart NVDA more than once
to resolve the problem. Is there a better way to handle this problem
when it happens?

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