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On Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 11:56 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
This is more pronounced on Windows 11 21H2 (original release; I know, this will get complicated for a whiel), resolved in upcoming Windows 11 22H2 (for this reason, I stronlgy recommend anyone running Windows 10 and 11 to tell us exactly which release they are using so people will not get confused).
And I thank you for pointing out, and very clearly, that there are times when something is Windows-based, and under which specific Windows versions those issues occur.

This also points out why, in the age of Windows As A Service, that keeping up-to-date is important.  Things identified as issues do get fixed, but that fix comes in the form of an update, very often a Feature Update.

I really would encourage those interested in having the information about Windows (and/or NVDA and/or anything else they think pertinent) as a part of every message they post to to look into the Signature feature on your personal Subscription page.  You can choose to have that signature attached when posting from the web, posting using email, or both.  I've been including my Windows information for years now after my name in my signature, so that exact version and build information is available when it's needed.  I don't do the same for NVDA because the versions change more frequently and 6-8 characters is not terribly difficult to type when that information needs to be shared.

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